CRE Inefficiencies Create a Booming Data Business

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Nate Smoyer

Commercial real estate is not known for operational efficiency across the board. It's estimated that buildings often operate at 70% efficiency. Think about how expensive that ends up being—not including maintenance costs—which are both often considered fixed and unavoidable expenses. In a world of compressing cap rates and constricting legislation around climate change, operators have to make a change.

This opens the door for technology to improve operational efficiencies and increase financial performance.

Connell McGill, CEO of Enertiv joins Tech Nest to discuss the complicated challenges of implementing a building's operational data dashboard and why it's so important. We're not just talking about saving a few hundred dollars on HVAC expenses.

We're talking about unnecessary energy consumption. CRE is estimated to consume 40% of all global energy. This is expediting the urgency to find solutions and the tailwind of this means a booming businesses, like Enertiv, that can monitor use and provide actionable data to improve efficiencies and meeting regulatory demands.

More about Enertiv and Connell McGill

Enertiv is an operational intelligence platform that delivers transparency from the boardroom to the boiler room, enabling commercial real estate portfolios to do more with less, decarbonize operations, and ultimately increase asset value.

Connell McGill co-founded Enertiv in 2011. Connell majored in Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy at Babson College. After Babson, he worked Momentum Bay Consulting as an energy analyst for green building projects, and then the New England Consulting Group as a Project Manager.

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