Co-buying Residential Real Estate with Joe Hoppis, CEO at Pairadime

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

Joe Hoppis is the Co-founder and CEO of a startup called Pairadime. Pairadime is working to make co-buying residential real estate much simpler and a better experience. In this interview, Joe breaks down how many co-buying transactions there are, why this trend will likely continue to grow, and what Pairadime is actually doing to help close these transactions. Joe's passion for real estate is self-evident as he's had a 20+ year career, committed to the industry. He also shares his passion and desire to see Pairadime help address some of the housing affordability challenges many are experiencing across the country.

More about Joe and Pairadime
Pairadime works with consumers, are unmarried, purchase real estate together. This includes friends, couples, and families. Pairadime has focused on creating partnerships with real estate agents, lenders, and legal professionals to help assist in completing co-buying transactions. Pairadime sees their role as being are allies in real estate affordability by helping buyers unite with fellow buyers and professionals to easily and successfully purchase property together.  

Joe has spent 22 years in the real estate industry. From top producer to broker/owner, Joe's always had a passion to creatively finding paths to home ownership. 

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