Breaking Down Walls to Build More ADUs in Canada with Sarah Cipkar, Founder and CEO of Resimate

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

Sarah Cipkar, shares her experience building her own backyard ADU and how that started her journey to founding Resimate. Resimate is an online tool that allows homeowners to determine if their backyard is suitable for a detached ADU based on zoning bylaws. Sarah also discusses the different construction methods for ADUs, the challenges in the prefab and modular construction industry, and the importance of awareness and education in the ADU market. She shares her vision for the future of Resimate and the ADU market in Canadian cities.

More about Sarah and Resimate
Resimate is a tool that enables homeowners and investors to quickly analyze their residential lot in order to determine the feasibility for a backyard home (ADU), allows them to 'place' a home on their backyard lot and then connect directly with a builder for free.

Sarah Cipkar is Founder and CEO of Resimate Inc. and ADUSearch, an online tool that helps Canadians discover the potential for ADUs in their own backyards in over 20 cities across Canada, including Toronto and Vancouver. In 2020, Sarah built her own 430sqft backyard home in Windsor, ON, which has informed all of her work in helping homeowners and policymakers alike. She is also a PhD Candidate in the Department of Geography & Planning at the University of Toronto. In her spare time, she likes to go on nature walks and spend time with her daughter.

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