Bootstrapped Land Marketplace is Taking Ground, with Founder Michael Leigeber of Landsearch.com

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Nate Smoyer

Don't skip over this episode because buying and selling vacant land might not be your thing. Michael Leigeber, CEO and Founder of Landsearch.com is out to make buying land more accessible by creating a new marketplace specifically for land. The reality here is building any type of marketplace is a very tough business. Add to that being bootstrapped and you've got a significant challenge ahead of you.

The current state of finding land for sale is, well, not exactly a great experience with the consumer in mind. When you search for vacant land to purchase, you'll currently have to search through several different types of sites to find what you're looking for. Of course you'll find your way to the residentially focused, most popular ILSs, but you'll also inevitably end up on sites mostly focused on commercial and investment property websites—again—not entirely devoted or focused on the experience of searching for land.

Listen in to hear Michael's approach to solving for this, how he's bootstrapping his way to taking market share, and what he sees as the future for finding land to purchase.

More about Landsearch.com and Michael:
Land represents a massive opportunity with over 1.3 billion private acres in the U.S. across distinct uses. However, an ecosystem around it hasn't been fostered–from education and discovery to finance and improvement.

Our initial focus is creating the best marketplace experience with a long-term goal of being the face of land and making land more accessible for all.

Michael has over 15 years of marketing and technical experience. He cofounded a digital marketing agency that grew to a 20 person team and has consulted with major brands on digital strategy.

Email Michael at michael@landsearch.com.

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