Boosting Short-Term Rental Revenue Through Upsells with Annie Sloan, CEO at The Host Co

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

In this conversation, Annie Sloan, Co-founder and CEO of The Host Co discusses the importance of creating unique experiences in the vacation rental industry and the opportunity to increase revenue through targeted upsells.

Upsells can be as simple as late checkouts or early check ins, but Annie goes further providing proof guests want one-off experiences, too. For example, did you know you could hire donkeys with saddlebags full of beer to roam around the property, providing a fun and memorable experience for guests? Yeh, you can do that. Annie emphasizes the marketing and rebooking potential of such unique offerings.

More about Annie and TheHost Co
The Host Co connects local amenities and services to short-term rentals: from spa and chef to late checkout, local souvenirs, bike rentals, and beyond.

Guests are delighted with the added amenities, more tourism dollars are connected to the local economy and the best part: hosts add a new revenue stream to their rentals, receiving payouts on every transaction.

Annie is Co-founder & CEO of The Host Co. As she puts it, "we add the mini-bar, concierge and gift shop to your Airbnb". Prior to founding TheHost Co, she was Creative Director at Facebook and Twitter, embedded lead at Airbnb, Google, Samsung, R/GA.

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