Blueprint Special: New Wave of Enthusiasm in Proptech with Drew Meyers, Founder of Geek Estate

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

This is a special edition episode filmed and recorded live during the Blueprint Conference at the Venetian Casino and Resort in Las Vegas, NV. It's taken over 160 episode for me to lure and trap one of proptech's most respected voices to come on the show (just kidding, but kind of serious). Drew Meyers is today's guest. He was an early Zillow employee, previously a founder of a hospitality / proptech startup, and is currently founder of the industry's most elite community of proptech founders and investors, Geek Estate. In this interview, we discuss a range of topics stemming off the Blueprint event such as exciting new proptechs, and themes surrounding profitability and raising capital.

More about Drew and Geek Estate
Drew is Founder of Geek Estate. He's an experienced product strategist, writer, and community builder, as well as Entrepreneur in Residence at Second Century Ventures/NAR Reach. 

Geek Estate is a private community, free from sponsored messages and noise, built for independent creatives, doers, and pioneers. 

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