Advanced Maintenance Data in Property Management with Ray Hespen, Co-founder and CEO of Property Meld

Hosted by
Nate Smoyer

This week, I'm fortunate to be joined by fellow South Dakotan, Ray Hespen. Ray is CEO and co-founder of Property Meld, a maintenance automation software company. based in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Let's start with some performance metrics from Property Meld's 2023:

  • $723,997,461 in repairs completed
  • 8,467,099 maintenance phone calls eliminated
  • 378,082 maintenance issues prevented
  • 4.40 average resident satisfaction across all customers
  • 4,786,554 maintenance tasks automated

During our conversation, we discuss some of these metrics and how great communication can play such a critical role in maintenance automation. Ray breaks down the challenges of maintenance coordination and why property management needs to improve despite these challenges. Ray and the team at Property Meld take a holistic approach to tackling challenges in property maintenance, gathering data, and providing automations. You'll hear about that and more.

Lastly, you'll hear me plugging Property Meld's conference, Maintenance Summit in here as well. If you're in property management, either in the field or tech side, then a trip to South Dakota this year in September has got to get on your schedule.

More about Ray and Property Meld
Property Meld is a web-based property maintenance software dedicated to simplifying maintenance coordination. We provide unmatched visibility into crucial maintenance metrics, empowering property management companies to make data-driven decisions. Our robust solution connects property managers, residents, vendors, and property owners in one location. Automated workflows, AI-fueled thoughtful responses, centralized scheduling, and best-in-class communication drive positive, predictable, and profitable maintenance.

Ray Hespen is the CEO and co-founder of Property Meld, a maintenance automation software company. Ray and his co-founder, David Kingman, started Property Meld in 2014 to bring intelligent maintenance to the property management world.

Come to South Dakota for the annual Maintenance Summit, hosted by Property Meld - https://pmusersummit.com

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